NetApp SnapValidator for Oracle

NetApp SnapValidator software leverages the protection built into your Oracle database to prevent data corruption.

NetApp® SnapValidator® validation software adds intelligence and database awareness to modular storage systems—across SAN/iSAN and NAS protocols—to safeguard your Oracle® data.

Database servers and storage devices reside at opposite ends of the I/O path, exposing your data to risk at multiple points during data transfer. SnapValidator software leverages the protection built into Oracle Database systems and extends enterprise-class checksum capabilities to modular storage. End-to-end checksum data protection gives you the assurance that your data is written with 100% reliability. You can avoid disruptions and downtime due to data corruption and keep your critical business data available.

NetApp SnapValidator is integrated with the Oracle Database architecture and complies with the Oracle Hardware-Assisted Resilient Data (HARD) initiative for high data availability.

Learn more about how you can gain the highest level of protection for your Oracle data (PDF).