NetApp Virtual Storage Console for Citrix XenServer

NetApp Virtual Storage Console reduces cost and complexity, and improves efficiency, in Citrix virtual environments.

NetApp® Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for Citrix® XenServer® is a plug-in that empowers Citrix administrators to create, configure, provision, deduplicate, manage, and delete storage repositories. VSC for XenServer, part of the NetApp OnCommand® management software suite, also lets Citrix admins respond to changing business needs by cloning tens of thousands of VMs within minutes using NetApp FlexClone® technology.

Management is a critical component in a virtualized environment, and the Citrix XenCenter® platform is a powerful tool for managing virtual servers and desktops. VSC for XenServer® improves operational efficiency by eliminating the need for Citrix administrators to coordinate with storage administrators to provision and manage storage for XenServer and XenDesktop®. Citrix administrators can save time and respond faster, and storage administrators retain ownership and control of storage policies.

VSC reduces risk through role-based access control (RBAC) and built-in best practice settings for running Citrix virtual machines on NetApp.

Learn how you can reduce your storage cost and complexity with Virtual Storage Console for Citrix XenServer PDF.