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maj 12, 2016Messaging and Collaboration on NetApp Storage from Private Cloud to Hybrid ...Teknisk Rapport
This document describes the architecture and deployment procedures of an infrastructure composed of NetApp and Microsoft virtualization that uses iSCSI-based storage for messaging and collaboration workloads.
maj 10, 2016A Quick Guide to NetApp Data Protection Solutions for Microsoft Office 365 | ...Teknisk Rapport
This technical report is intended for organizations that want to leverage Microsoft Office 365 software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings or deploy their messaging and collaboration applications on NetApp® storage in a hybrid topology with Office 365. These organizations want to provide better data ...
maj 10, 2016Hybrid Deployment for Messaging and Collaboration on NetApp Storage | TR-4481Teknisk Rapport
This technical report is designed for organizations considering deploying their messaging and collaboration applications on NetApp storage in a hybrid topology with Microsoft Office 365. These organizations are also looking at ways to provide more control and security and to improve productivity ...
maj 05, 2016Secure Unified Authentication | TR-4073Teknisk Rapport
TR-4073 describes the configuration of NetApp storage systems running clustered Data ONTAP to leverage Secure Unified Authentication via Kerberos v5, NFSv4 and LDAP.
maj 05, 2016FlexArray and V-Series Best PracticesTeknisk Rapport
This technical report covers best practices for the configuration of NetApp® V-Series and FlexArray® licensed FAS controllers, Fibre Channel SANs, and the storage arrays to which they connect.
apr 26, 2016Antivirus Scanning in Data ONTAP 7-Mode Best Practices Guide | TR-3107Teknisk Rapport
This report describes the integrated antivirus architectures for NetApp storage devices and the best practices for deploying these solutions.
mar 04, 2016SnapMirror Configuration and Best Practices Guide for Clustered Data ONTAPTeknisk Rapport
This document describes information and best practices related to configuring replication in NetApp® clustered Data ONTAP®
mar 01, 2016Parallel Network File System Configuration and Best Practices for Clustered ...Teknisk Rapport
This document provides an overview of Parallel Network File System (pNFS) as well as configuration examples for NetApp® Data ONTAP® operating in clustered Data ONTAP. The document also provides step-by-step product-specific instructions by adhering to product-specific best practices, use cases ...
feb 23, 2016Clustered Data ONTAP NFS Implementation Guide | TR-4067Teknisk Rapport
This document details steps in the configuration of an NFS server, NFSv4 features, best practices and the differences between Clustered Data ONTAP and 7-Mode.
feb 23, 2016NFSv4 Enhancements and Best Practices Guide for Data ONTAP Implementation | ...Teknisk Rapport
It explains Data ONTAP version 7 and 8.2 (7-Mode) implementation of NFSv4 specifics such as the pseudo-file system, access control lists (ACLs), delegations, and Kerberos. It also covers some details of NFSv4 in clustered Data ONTAP, as well as best practices for mounting and using NFSv4 on ...
Results 1 - 10 of 1140