Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S)

The NetApp Data ONTAP storage operating system supports the Storage Management Initiative Specification, SMI-S.

Storage Networking Industry Association

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is responsible for developing and maintaining the Storage Management Initiative (SMI) and its Specification (SMI-S), which is designed to enable the interoperable management of heterogeneous storage systems.

NetApp Participation in SMI
NetApp has been an active member of the SNIA since 1988, and we have been a member and on the board of directors of SNIA’s Storage Management Initiative since its inception. In addition, NetApp participates in a broad range of the SNIA’s SMI-S activities, including active membership in various SMI-related technical working groups (TWGs). Since 2002, we have also been regular participants in SMI-Lab plugfests.

NetApp Support for SMI-S

The NetApp® Data ONTAP® SMI-S Agent, which works with the entire line of NetApp FAS systems and V-series virtualized storage systems, has been certified by SNIA’s Conformance Testing Program (CTP) suite for compliance with SNIA’s SMI-S specification.

To take advantage of SMI-S support in your NetApp storage systems, download the Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent.