NetApp efficient, cost-effective data storage and management solutions meet education’s IT infrastructure needs.

NetApp® unified storage solutions, with superior storage efficiency, can help educational institutions manage data growth, comply with mandates, and meet SLAs—all while lowering TCO. 

Unified storage from NetApp can help you:

  • Reduce data storage requirements by up to 80% and cut the number of systems in your data center by 50% to 75%.
  • Achieve efficient data management without additional headcount. The NetApp Data ONTAP® operating system provides a single interface and management toolset for your entire infrastructure.
  • Secure student and research data with built-in encryption, authentication, access control, and logging capabilities.
  • Gain five-nines availability, including continuous data availability and integrated storage support for virtualization initiatives.
  • Back up data in minutes and recover in seconds.
  • Scale storage to meet precise departmental or application needs with NetApp thin provisioning.
  • Keep your NetApp systems up and running with built-in high-availability, disaster recovery, backup, and compliance services.

Learn how one K-12 institution gained more class time through faster desktop and workstation boot times and conserved 2.2 TB of storage, which resulted in significant cost savings.

Partner with NetApp Professional Services and our Global Support teams to gain access to our extensive storage-security expertise, innovative technologies, and best practices.