NetApp присутствует в рейтинге FORTUNE «Лучшие компании-работодатели» уже 13 лет

This is the official data! FORTUNE magazine and the Institute The Great Place to Work Institute once again confirmed that we NetApp and already knew our company - it's a great place to work in many countries. NetApp took 4th place in the ranking of "Top international companies-employers 2015" compiled by the Institute The Great Place to Work, and is also present in the ranking of FORTUNE «100 Best Companies to Work For 2015". The thirteenth consecutive year NetApp has its place in the list of 100 elite companies.

The presence in the rankings FORTUNE "100 Best Companies to Work For" and "Top international companies-employers" demonstrates our strong corporate culture, enthusiasm and responsibility of our employees. They are the heart and soul of a rich company culture that attracts and inspires people to form the best team in the world and providing a competitive advantage. Our commitment to common goals brings together employees from different countries, it contributes to the birth of innovative ideas and strengthen team spirit.

"Our employees are talented and united by one goal: to promote the prosperity of customers and partners."
-Tom Jorgensen, CEO

Formation of the environment, which contributes to the birth of innovative ideas - a direct contribution to the success of our customers and partners. The company, which is a good employer, will be a good business partner. Our clients and partners from different countries feel positive difference by working with us, and the success they provide our staff, who are always happy and willing to be part of NetApp.


NetApp took 4th place in the ranking of the best international companies-employers

NetApp is committed to lead by example. This goal motivates us to continually improve our services, we provide our clients. We believe that honesty and integrity - a worthy role model features that help take a winning position in the market. Good corporate culture - is the foundation of success, and our own success and the success of our customers and partners. It is thanks to her we are able to fulfill its promise to help companies around the world to do more faster.

Great place of work in many countries
Institute Great Place to Work Institute and the magazine FORTUNE, as well as local newspapers regularly placed NetApp's list of Best Companies to Work in different camps and cities around the world. In 2014, NetApp hit the top ten best employers in most regions of the world where it is carried out the study.


Number 1 in the European region
number 4 in China
number two in Germany,
number two in Austria,
number 3 in Switzerland,
number four among the world's best multinational companies to Work
number 4 in Canada,
number 6 in the region APAC
number 8 in Australia
number 8 in Singapore
number 9 Japan's
number 10 in the Netherlands,
number 22 in India
number 17 in France,
number 18 in the UK

Become a customer, partner or employee of NetApp, and find out for yourself why NetApp is included in the ranking of the best employers in the world.

Join us as a customer, partner or employee, and then you will understand why NetApp has always remained on the list of best companies.

Ratings Institute The Great Place to Work Institute and the magazine FORTUNE compiled from a survey of staff and management of thousands of companies worldwide. The fact that NetApp is listed in the ranking, a testament to its core values ​​- reliability, honesty, respect for people, pride for its employees and solidarity.

According to the Institute Great Place to Work Institute, «included in the list of the best international companies, employers not only means that the company cares about its employees, but also that it is the engine of the global economy."

Put on a par with the best companies, we raise the bar for long-term success and pledge to strive for more.