Simple Provisioning of Your Unified Storage Environment

Move to an on-demand mindset. Right size provisioning to meet the service level needs of business applications, databases, digital media content, or file services with automated, policy-based storage provisioning.

Automated, policy-based storage provisioning is becoming mainstream. In today’s resource-constrained world, the inefficiencies of traditional storage provisioning (scripts, tribal knowledge, and so on) in a data-driven world have proven to have a negative impact on IT resources and capital spending. As a result, many companies are looking to design a storage-efficient infrastructure.

Our storage efficiency is built in through the use of NetApp® Provisioning Manager, which minimizes the burden on the storage administrator and optimizes capacity utilization across the entire NAS and SAN infrastructure. This software automates manual and repetitive storage-provisioning tasks and frees administrators to perform other duties and increase their span of control. Administrators can add, reclaim, monitor, and assign storage with this tool.

Provisioning Manager provides a simple solution for unused storage across unified storage . The technology allows wasted or unused storage to be identified and drawn into a common pool. When a request is made for more storage, the administrator can draw from this common pool nondisruptively. The improved utilization of existing storage can save money and defer a storage purchase and its associated costs until a later date. This deferred purchase will most likely result in a lower cost and increased capacity.

Our products have always been built with value and efficiency in mind, providing you with a uniform approach (hardware and software) to simplify your work life. By eliminating the numerous hand-offs that were once required to add storage and deploy policies, you can reap the rewards of preparing for rapid deployment of future service offerings in support of anytime, anywhere access to data. Our seamless integration of Provisioning Manager with other NetApp manageability tools helps you unleash the full power of your unified storage architecture.