Monitor and Measure Your Environment to Maximize Efficiency

In order to improve IT efficiency, you have to understand where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. NetApp offers monitoring and measuring tools for your environment so you can chart your results, plan for growth, and demonstrate your IT efficiency success.

My AutoSupport

My AutoSupport™ is a Web-based monitoring tool that offers a quick and easy view into the health, performance, and storage efficiency of any NetApp® storage system. It gives you a comprehensive view of your NetApp system in one place. Check out how efficient your systems are (requires password).

NetApp Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard

The NetApp Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard helps you measure and monitor use of your NetApp storage. This dashboard reports storage efficiency of any single or group of NetApp storage systems, or your entire NetApp storage environment. The plug-in for this dashboard is available on the NOW™ site (requires password).



SANscreen® provides real-time, multivendor, and protocol service-level views so you can understand and improve the efficiency of your entire data center environment. With interactive SANscreen views, you can safely increase utilization rates, provide better service quality, and learn how and when to consolidate, all while reducing costs and improving your capacity use.

Provisioning Manager

Provisioning Manager is policy-based automation software that streamlines the provisioning of your entire NetApp storage environment to increase the speed of deployment, improve SLAs, and improve storage efficiency. Provisioning Manager makes it easier—and even safer—to use thin provisioning by monitoring the use of provisioned storage so you can use more of the storage you already have.