VMware Server Virtualization

The promise of a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable data center that can respond immediately to changing business needs is your competitive advantage in today’s market.

VMware® has ignited data center transformation-and that's only the beginning. Our solutions uniquely complement the benefits of VMware, including vSphere, VMware's foundation for cloud computing. We do this by eliminating key storage and data protection challenges associated with server virtualization so you can transform your data center into a pool of server, network, and storage resources. You can manage, monitor, and provision storage in your vSphere environments directly through vCenter using NetApp® plug-ins.

Our unique approach to storage for vSphere environments delivers:

  • Instantaneous backup and recovery
  • Automation of the most labor-intensive data management tasks, including DR
  • The ability to provision storage as fast as VMs
  • Data deduplication across primary, backup, DR, and archival storage

And you can enjoy all of these benefits with one unified architecture.

Experience a smooth transition to your optimal infrastructure with our specialized virtualization services (PDF). From assessment to implementation to management, our experienced, certified professionals use proven methodologies and best practices to help you get where you want to be, efficiently and with no surprises.

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