NetApp can help you realize the full potential of your VMware® virtual desktop environment with storage that’s flexible, available, and cost-effective.

Desktop virtualization with VMware View allows you to configure, deploy, and maintain hardware-independent desktop virtual machines from a central location. This allows you to improve the management and control of your desktop environments while providing a familiar desktop experience to users. To fully realize the benefits of desktop virtualization, you need to address the increased demands that virtualized desktops pose for your storage infrastructure. With NetApp® storage you can:

  • Reduce VDI storage costs by deduplicating redundant data stored across virtual desktops, user directories, and backup and DR copies.
  • Provision thousands of virtual desktops in minutes with our nearly instant, low-overhead storage cloning.
  • Provide users continuous access to their virtual desktops with 99.999% storage availability, automated disaster recovery, and VDI performance acceleration that addresses desktop boot or log-in storms.
  • Perform backup of all virtual desktops and user data directly on the storage system while cost-effectively keeping a daily history of every desktop for months or years.

With NetApp you get the flexibility, high availability, and cost effectiveness required to grow your virtual desktop environment.