NetApp Solution for VMware vCloud Director

NetApp® solutions and experience enable service providers to rapidly deploy VMware® vCloud Director on a platform designed to reduce cost and complexity.

Our solution is tightly integrated with the vCenter™ management platform and other leading infrastructure management and orchestration tools so you can automatically provision provider vDCs and underlying vSphere™ resources from a single console. What's more, you can dynamically expand NetApp storage resources for vDCs and vApps from within vCenter. Unified provisioning means costs for new provider vDCs are specific, enabling predictable pricing and accelerating your time to revenue.

We help you keep your customers' services always on with built-in data protection and nonstop operation that help you deliver industry-leading uptime SLAs. Our VMware vCloud Director object-aware interface provides space-efficient and instant snapshot backups and completes restores in minutes.

A single, unified multiprotocol platform that meets differing VMware vCloud Director requirements helps you achieve lower TCO. Moreover, you can make storage perform better with greater flexibility using our Flash Cache, FlexCache®, and FlexShare® technologies. These technologies can improve read rates and shorten response times while improving virtual resource utilization without impacting performance. Plus, our proven cloud delivery and operational best practices promote your success, from setup to billing.

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