Bring Virtualization Benefits to Your Desktops

Buy Less Storage, Guaranteed*, Without Sacrificing the End-User Experience

It's quite glorious, really, to be liberated from your desktop.

J&B Group Delivers with NetApp

J&B Group is a family-owned perishable food production and distribution company. It uses technology to help ensure it is delivering the freshest food to its customers, nearly on demand.

When J&B Group needed to refresh its storage environment to complement its virtual infrastructure and maximize uptime, it selected NetApp over the competition. Why?

We not only met its requirements for availability and functionality, but also provided unique flexibility. J&B is confident it can scale with NetApp to meet its goal of being a billion-dollar company within the next five years.

In the meantime, it’s decision to go with NetApp has already delivered real business value and cost savings:

  • 100% uptime to date
  • Uses 98% less capacity for desktops
  • Four-hour recoverability
  • Deploys hundreds of desktops in minutes
  • Protects flexibility for growth
  • Deferred PC purchases for >two years
  • "Everything is simpler"

I love that, regardless of where I am or what I am doing, I can access anything I need to work. (It really only backfired when an irrational boss took that to mean my peers and I could continue to work while on vacation.)

But from an IT perspective, going to a virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) has not been such an easy decision. Sure, VDI can extend the benefits of virtualization-including lower overall costs and simplified management-to more of your IT environment. The issues really have been whether the technologies available were mature enough to continue to deliver the performance you need to maintain happy end users and whether the savings justify the pain and complexity of the migration. That's probably why most of you are still at the proof-of-concept phase, with only a few industries (such as healthcare and financial services) moving to more widespread adoption.

Opportunity Knocks
The opportunity to improve business and IT operations is compelling. Most organizations have many more desktop systems than servers, which means that if you've only virtualized your servers, you've barely scratched the surface of the potential to bring fundamental change and huge savings to your IT environment.

True. For some, wide-scale VDI deployment has been hampered by high initial capital expenses. Virtual desktops, however, when established correctly, can minimize initial capital outlay and deliver tremendous value over more traditional PC environments, including the ability to:

  • Easily secure all data and machines, regardless of location.
  • Provide users "anywhere, anytime" access to data and applications.
  • Effortlessly provide ongoing support for corporate machines and assets.
  • Enable all desktops to be compliant with corporate and regulatory requirements.
  • Enable business continuity and data protection in the event of a natural disaster or other unplanned workforce interruption.
  • Lower ongoing operational cost.

In order for you to claim victory in a VDI deployment, you need to keep costs to a minimum, deliver a positive end-user experience, and manage at scale.

That is easy, right? No. It is not exactly easy. At least it hasn't been-until now.

The Time Has Come for VDI
The IT market has hit an inflection point driven by new VDI technologies that support high-end graphics, mobile users, and advanced management tools, as well as new storage technologies that enable a broader set of users to get the benefits of virtualized desktops without sacrificing performance.

Believe me: The storage you choose can play a pivotal role in keeping costs low in VDI deployments, meeting performance and capacity requirements, and delivering on end-user expectations. So, having a complete data management strategy as part of your VDI plan is critical to success.

Why? With VDI, you move from local desktop systems to a virtual desktop environment. This means you move from relatively low-cost local storage, housed in your PC, to enterprise storage. Typically enterprise storage is one of the largest expense categories in virtual environments. It can comprise as much as half of the cost of a VDI deployment. Also, VDI can create unique performance challenges that impact the user experience, such as when everyone is trying to boot up or log in to their desktops at the same time-like first thing in the morning-creating unacceptable delays accessing their desktop, applications, or data.

Performance That Keeps Users Happy
Keeping end users happy largely involves making their data and applications available 24x7.

From an IT perspective, that means having the right balance between storage capacity and performance so that you can also keep costs under control. Storage technologies have matured in the past several years so you can now realize the full potential of a virtual desktop environment with innovative, integrated technologies that remove the impediments to success and make VDI a more viable option.

"We don't make the virtual desktop technologies you use.
We make the virtual desktop technologies you use better."  —NetApp

For instance, here at NetApp we've solved the performance and capacity challenge and improved efficiency to deliver maximum availability. We say, "Buy 50% less storage" and yet store more data and applications&ddash;rather than throw a ton of expensive disks into your system to meet peak workload demands. We've also added an extra helping of manageability to simplify your world. By innovating to deliver more efficient, higher-performing data management solutions, we help lower your IT storage and administrative costs by at least 50%.

Liberate Yourself and Your Users
People just like you working in various industries worldwide have already engaged us for a solution that effectively removes the key obstacles to wide-scale VDI deployment. In fact, 9 of 10 top global investment banks have desktop virtualization projects deployed on NetApp.

VDI built on NetApp lets you easily provision thousands of systems at a time, house all home directories in the same place, back up all data at once, and manage thousands of desktops in a unified, highly simplified manner-all from one storage platform.

You really have nothing to lose when you can get performance, agility, and efficiency without any trade-off! In fact, with NetApp, you can:

Deliver a better end-user experience: Simplify user, desktop, and applicationmanagement: Enable peak performance and an optimal user experience:
•  Eliminate boot and log-on storms
•  70% increase in desktop performance
•  Enable availability of business-critical services
•  Bring thousands of desktops online in minutes
•  Provision storage as quickly as virtual desktops
•  Secure access, instant backup, and recovery
•  >70% storage utilization
•  Zero-capacity desktop provisioning
•  Buy 50% less storage, guaranteed

Virtualizing your desktop systems on the right storage platform enables you to more easily scale to meet business needs, reduce operations cost, and increase performance-without any trade-offs.
Does buying less storage to virtualize more of your IT environment sound good to you? Let us help you reap the benefits of a fully virtualized IT environment.

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