NetApp Major Manufacturing Solutions

Global manufacturers use our systems to increase productivity and lower costs by getting immediate and secure access to up-to-date information.

Key Points:
  • Speed time to market while maintaining consistency.
  • Provide your global design teams access to historic information that can be shared and reused on multiple projects.
  • Reduce management overhead by enabling your resources to manage more data from any location.
  • Reduce costs with our business enablement technologies and low-cost SATA drives that simplify disaster recovery, archiving, compliance, and design reuse.

Manufacturers today are under intense pressure to bring higher-quality products to market faster-and at reduced cost.

Remote collaboration across disparate business and IT environments is essential for globally dispersed organizations. You need immediate, secure, and timely access to information.

Global automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, and heavy industry manufacturers rely on our storage systems for drawings, ERP applications, design workstations, and databases.

Collaborate with your design teams, partners, and suppliers around the globe. Your vital information is available wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Thorough joint testing, integration, and validation with leading enterprises, CAD, and PLM application providers offer enhanced performance functionality for your key applications.

Learn more about how we can help you reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve your time to market.