StorageGRID Healthcare Solution

Manage large pools of mission-critical patient data. Automate clinician workflow. Store and share medical images and records across healthcare facilities—reliably and securely.

NetApp® StorageGRID® helps you protect and preserve critical patient data for multisite healthcare organizations or integrated delivery networks.

Manage and retain data intelligently
Through automation and healthcare data management, NetApp StorageGRID provides consistent, reliable access to data by delivering superior data protection, business continuity, automated disaster recovery, and multisite access in disk and tape storage environments.

Enable boundless scalability
StorageGRID scales to support petabytes of data-billions of medical records and images-while eliminating the physical boundaries of traditional storage systems. The solution also helps create massively scalable, multisite, multi-tenant content repositories.

Provide always-on data availability
The StorageGRID platform delivers storage services for mission-critical operations and enables global disaster recovery and access to content regardless of a hospital's or a clinic's physical location.

Manage compliance risk
NetApp StorageGRID protects patient data through encryption and digital fingerprints, minimizing data corruption and tampering and helping achieve compliance with healthcare regulations.

Learn more about how NetApp StorageGRID helps you manage large volumes of patient data and medical records, share data between multiple healthcare sites, comply with regulations, and reduce total cost of ownership.