Enhance large-scale data storage. Manage population data more efficiently. Archive clinical and nonclinical study data. Improve community health.

NetApp helps you efficiently retrieve, store, and archive healthcare data to share information and scientific research that can improve the overall health and wellness of communities.

Connect clinical information
The vision of connected healthcare is becoming a reality as Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) begin to share data that improves the health of their communities, their states, and the nation. NetApp provides innovative data storage and management solutions that reduce the complexity of sharing data across geographies.

Manage large-scale data volume
As patient data volumes grow, NetApp® storage solutions simplify how data is shared and decoded, growing knowledge resources and sharing best practices to help prevent disease and promote public health.

Enhance scientific research
NetApp helps design flexible, accessible storage systems to house scientific research and access millions of stored patient records to help develop new cures and identify public health trends.

Streamline administration
As archiving, recovery, and retrieval of healthcare data grows more complex, NetApp provides a scalable data storage and warehousing platform to accommodate multiple Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

Learn more about how NetApp can help you securely manage large data volumes, speed development of HIEs, leverage information technology systems to prevent large-scale illness and disease, and empower the public to manage its own health by making it easy to share information. Contact your local NetApp or partner sales representative today.