Transform clinical workflows. Reduce data storage and management complexity. Decrease the TCO of EHR environments. Manage patient data more effectively.

NetApp helps you efficiently manage, deliver, and store patient information to improve patient care, enhance the exchange of health information, and increase the speed of diagnosis and treatment.

Reduce data storage and management complexity
Accommodating large file and image formats and connecting Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and other clinical applications present new challenges. NetApp® innovative data storage and management solutions reduce this complexity and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in high-availability Electronic Health Record (EHR) environments.

Accommodate medical data explosion
As medical data grows exponentially, NetApp solutions help by simplifying medical data acquisition, ownership, and management. We design solutions that deliver measurable value and sustainable ROI.

Address compliance and security concerns
To address HIPAA 5010, ARRA HITECH, local regulations, and the EU Directive, we reduce risk using storage solutions that help achieve established compliance and security goals.

Enable disaster recovery
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, having reliable data backup and disaster recovery has taken on new urgency. NetApp helps you establish multiple data repositories for business continuity.

Learn more about how NetApp can help you integrate clinical and IT data, manage EHRs and large volumes of patient data and medical images, accelerate diagnoses, comply with regulations, and reduce costs. Contact your local NetApp or partner sales representative today.