Increase data storage capacity. Integrate with leading EHR application providers to enable anytime, anywhere access to patient data to improve care. Collaborate with other healthcare professionals. Meet federal mandates for electronic patient records.

NetApp integrates with EHR/EMR partner solutions to scale storage capacity while supporting your hospital's needs for an infrastructure that delivers accessibility, high availability, and scalability.

Improve storage efficiency
NetApp boosts the efficiency of your storage infrastructure to accommodate increasing data volumes resulting from EMR systems. We create a smaller hardware footprint to simplify storage management, consume less physical space, and conserve energy.

Enable scalability
NetApp offers incrementally scalable storage platforms for medical records and diagnostic results for applications including Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), and the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN)-protected against fault and disaster.

Achieve EMR implementation goals
NetApp helps your transition to EHR systems to meet HITECH objectives and protect data long term.

Benefit from 24/7 support
NetApp integrates with EHR/EMR partner solutions to support 24/7 healthcare. Physicians can view patient records at their convenience. Staff can access patient data day or night to rapidly respond to requests and to automate environments such as testing.

Learn more about NetApp's scalable, cost-effective storage solutions that integrate seamlessly with EMR and EHR partner applications to form turnkey solutions. We can help you reduce capital expenditures and storage administration while enabling flexible data management for EHRs-keeping patient data available for care.