NetApp Seismic Processing Solution

Increase the pace of seismic exploration. Dramatically increase seismic processing efficiency. Capture and share large imaging data for faster data exploitation. Transform seismic data processing workloads.

NetApp helps you locate and access new oil and gas reserves more cost effectively with the Seismic Processing Solution, optimized for capturing seismic reflections and quickly turning it into interpretable data.

Exploit information to locate and access new energy resources
NetApp helps you manage the growing volumes of data generated by high-bandwidth applications to enable geoscientists to conduct real-time analysis of complex datasets with a storage solution optimized for unique, seismic applications.

Make more accurate and profitable drilling decisions
NetApp makes seismic data available for analysis and interpretation as quickly as possible. Tested with Halliburton Landmark, a leading provider of seismic processing tools, NetApp makes it easy to quickly and accurately validate prestack gathers.

Meets specific seismic processing bandwidth and density requirements
NetApp enables the fast transfer and storage of seismic data to accelerate exploration and production activities. The NetApp E5424 is optimized for environments where rack space is at a premium, delivering high bandwidth and high IOPS in a low form factor. The NetApp 5460 maximizes storage density and makes sure of high productivity with system configurations that can easily be expanded to address growing capacity needs for years to come.

Learn more about how NetApp's can help you reduce time to market with pretested, preconfigured seismic processing storage solutions. Contact your local NetApp or partner sales representative today.