High Availability

The NetApp unified data storage platform delivers enterprise-class high availability at a lower cost and complexity.

Challenging economic times are compelling businesses to achieve even greater levels of operational efficiency and flexibility. Yet as more and more organizations make the transition to a shared infrastructure, data protection becomes more important and the complexity can become a challenge.

NetApp offers an advantageous unified storage platform that delivers enterprise-class high availability at a lower cost and lower complexity to keep your business up and running. It all starts with our built-in storage subsystem capabilities that deliver resiliency, protection against data loss, and proactive monitoring and maintenance. The result: Our customers routinely see five-9s high availability, which translates to just minutes of downtime per year.

Unmatched features such as RAID-DP, provide performance-neutral double-parity RAID 6 to protect against double disk failures. New features including Alternate Control Path and NVRAM persistent write logs augment what is already the architecture's high availability. You can easily extend the protection of your storage beyond the data center. We offer transparent recovery with our array-based clustering and synchronous mirroring technologies combined to deliver continuous data availability at half the cost and complexity of competitive solutions. High availability is a core element of the NetApp® Integrated Data Protection portfolio, which additionally provides backup, disaster recovery, and archiving to help you achieve your stringent data-availability needs no matter what.

With Integrated Data Protection from NetApp there is no need for additional servers or appliances, eliminating expense and complexity. Built-in efficiency delivers value from primary to secondary storage with features like NetApp Snapshot, deduplication, and thin replication. The value to you is savings on floor space by up to 90% in addition to reducing power, cooling, and network bandwidth.

The building blocks of an efficient and flexible high-availability shared infrastructure include:

You can partner with us to help you choose the solution that best meets your high-availability business needs.

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