NetApp Plug-In for Symantec NetBackup

Add the speed and efficiency of NetApp Snapshot copies and replication, NetApp SnapMirror® replication technology, and/or NetApp SnapVault® backup software to your Symantec™ NetBackup solution.

Increases in the size and change rate of data are challenging businesses as they look to meet tighter backup windows and enable more granular, point-in-time recovery. To handle this data growth while accelerating recovery, customers are increasingly deploying Snapshot copies and replication alongside Symantec NetBackup .

To simplify the process of using these technologies together to enable a more complete data protection solution, NetApp and Symantec have developed a joint integration that brings together the speed and efficiency of NetApp Integrated Data Protection with the robust, policy-based protection of Symantec NetBackup.

In conjunction with NetBackup Replication Director, the NetApp Plug-in for NetBackup delivers:

  • More complete protection. Combines efficient, high-speed NetApp Snapshot copies and replication with existing NetBackup workflows to meet more recovery requirements.
  • Lower operational costs. Snapshot copies and replication are controlled directly from NetBackup, simplifying their management and deployment.
  • Investment protection. Leverage your in-house expertise and best practices for Symantec and NetApp to deliver a more complete data protection strategy.
  • Faster D2D backup. SnapVault replicates Snapshot copies to a NetApp backup target for up to 98% faster backup and recovery.
  • Lower storage costs. NetApp efficiency technologies reduce storage consumption by up to 90%.

Learn more about the NetApp Plug-in for Symantec NetBackup, or contact us to learn more about why using NetApp as your backup storage improves efficiency and increases your backup and restore performance.