Storage is the Backbone of the Private Cloud

NetApp helps enable the delivery of IT as a service through a virtualized shared IT infrastructure, automation, and service efficiencies, providing a flexible and efficient IT infrastructure that will grow with your business.

The path to a private cloud infrastructure is different for every company. We can help you on your path with our whitepaper series that provides best practices for evolving your IT infrastructure to private cloud computing technology based on these four fundamental elements:

NetApp has the advanced storage and data management technologies you need for a private cloud computing architecture, including these core capabilities:

  • Unified architecture with the Data ONTAP® virtualized storage operating system, which supports multiple workloads on a single, scalable architecture.
  • Storage efficiency that can reduce capacity requirements for your private cloud and help reduce costs by up to 50% or more.
  • Secure multi-tenancy to segment, isolate, and deliver shared server, storage, and network resources to different groups, users, departments, or applications.
  • Service automation and analytics for automated storage provisioning, comprehensive visibility, monitoring, and proactive alerts of cloud infrastructure availability, performance, and policy compliance.
  • Nonstop operations enable transparent, continuous data availability for shared cloud storage resources in spite of workload changes and planned maintenance.
  • Integrated data protection to meet backup, disaster recovery, archiving, compliance, and security service-level agreements.
  • Scale up, down, and out in multiple dimensions: performance, capacity, and operations to meet the dynamic business demands of cloud computing.
  • Intelligent caching built in to gain the performance needed to meet SLAs.

Whatever your starting point, we'll help you take the next step toward cloud computing. Contact your local NetApp or partner sales representative to learn more.