Efficiently scale performance and density to manage your explosive data growth. Modular flexibility supports solutions optimized to accelerate innovation and results with confidence.

NetApp helps you effectively manage escalating data capacities and complexities created by data intensive applications. The High Performance Computing Solution for Lustre is optimized to support massive performance and density requirements without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency.

Accelerate discovery and time to results
NetApp helps you manage the growing volumes of data generated by simulation, modeling and research applications. A storage solution optimized for high performance computing (HPC) enables organizations faster development outcomes and results.

Performance-tuned file system simplified
Combined with the open source Lustre file system, the NetApp solution enables organizations to maximize productivity, improve computational efficiencies, and increase return on investment. Many high-performance computing environments-ranging from small workgroups to some of the world's largest and most complex clusters-rely on the Lustre file system to address shared I/O needs.

Designed for specific performance and density requirements
NetApp enables a flexible, reliable, modular, and cost-effective solution that lets you choose the components you need and efficently grow your storage performance or capacity. The NetApp E5424 is optimized for high bandwidth and high IOPS without wasting capacity in a low form factor. The NetApp E5460 maximizes storage density with minimum footprint achieving the balance necessary for the best storage performance density.

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