Spark innovation, make better decisions, and drive successful business outcomes at the speed of today’s business.

NetApp offers Big Data Solutions that efficiently process, analyze, manage, and access data at scale. Our solution portfolio is organized by the primary use cases of Analytics, Bandwidth and Content. We call these the ABCs of Big Data.

Analytics - Analytics for extremely large data sets

This solution area focuses on providing efficient analytics for extremely large datasets. Analytics is all about gaining insight, taking advantage of the digital universe, and turning data into high-quality information, providing deeper insights about the business to enable better decisions.

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Bandwidth - Performance for data- intensive workloads

This solution area focuses on obtaining better performance for very fast workloads. High-bandwidth applications include high-performance computing: the ability to perform complex analyses at extremely high speeds; high-performance video streaming for surveillance and mission planning; and as video editing and play-out in media and entertainment

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Content – Boundless secure data storage

This solution area focuses on the need to provide boundless secure scalable data storage. Content solutions must enable storing virtually unlimited amounts of data, so that enterprises can store as much data as they want, find it when they need it.


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