Distributed Content Repositories

Manage large, global repositories efficiently, securely and intelligently. Leverage rich metadata and automated management to manage global data distribution and access as well as comply with retention requirements.

Enterprises across industries are finding that their content is growing at an unprecedented rate as objects grow in size, quantity, and lifespan. Managing this data intelligently across different geographies in a cost-effective manner is a huge challenge. NetApp® Distributed Content Repositories help meet this challenge by providing data scalability, enterprise reliability, and intelligent object management.

NetApp® Distributed Content Repositories let you:

  • Store up to petabytes of data in a multi-site, global object namespace
  • Distribute content across multiple geographically-dispersed sites for data protection, disaster recovery, and low-latency collaborative workflow.
  • Reduce opex costs while remaining compliant with corporate, regulatory or user requirements
  • Reduce infrastructure size and complexity and simplify administration
  • Implement public and private shared infrastructures securely

The end result is a proven, solution designed for organizations that need to access a common data set anywhere, anytime.

Learn More (PDF) about how our Distributed Content Repository solutions can help you store as much data as you want, find what you need when you need it, and manage it intelligently.