Storage for Windows Environments - Business Continuity

Want to spend less time managing your Windows® application data, mailboxes, and files while dramatically reducing costs? We can help. Consolidate all your Windows storage, simplify administration, and improve protection and availability of vital Windows business data with the NetApp® unified storage architecture.

Your business depends on how reliably your Windows IT environment performs. Customers kept waiting are customers thinking about your competition. NetApp® business continuity solutions can help protect both your Windows files and application data to deliver reliable and dependable data access, whether that means restoring an e-mail or recovering from a natural disaster.

NetApp helps you address all the possible causes of downtime from operator errors to network/site outages. Our portfolio of business continuity solutions allows you to choose the method that best meets your needs - and budget - to quickly recover full functionality. With NetApp, business continuity starts with proven availability technologies (including RAID-DP®, which protects you against multiple disk failures) and extends through a selection of additional data protection technologies culminating in full data replication for those whose business needs require it.

Deploying a continuity solution doesn't need to be an expensive proposition. Setting up and maintaining business continuity is easy with NetApp. Our solutions help keep your critical data available without the management overhead of traditional solutions. Our intelligent management and file virtualization tools allow you to create automated policies to provide the right level of protection for all your Windows data - files, applications, or databases. With a NetApp agile data infrastructure for Windows environments, you cost-effectively deliver the computing services your employees and customers need, whenever they need it.

Visit our continuity solution page or contact us to see how you too can cost-effectively deploy a Windows storage solution that meets your needs.