Storage for Windows Environments – Backup and Recovery

Dramatically improve protection for all your Windows® files and application data with a NetApp® agile data infrastructure for Windows environments.

Deliver better protection for Windows files and application data with our agile data infrastructure for Windows. With NetApp, you can quickly create space-efficient backup copies of Windows file data with our Snapshot technology and disk-to-disk backup capabilities. For backups of Windows application data, our SnapManager® software suite integrates directly with popular Microsoft® applications, including Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint Server, and SQL Server®, to make sure backups are quick and always in a consistent state. These tools solve the problem of backing up ever-increasing amounts of data in an ever-shrinking backup window. Backups are near instantaneous so you can back up multiple times during the day if you choose, for even greater levels of protection. Using our SnapRestore® capability, any Snapshot copy can be restored in a matter of seconds, versus the hours or even days it can take to recover data from tape.

Our powerful, yet easy-to-use management tools automate repetitive tasks, simplifying the administration of Windows backup and recovery. By implementing policies to appropriately manage and protect data, you can eliminate unnecessary backups and wasted storage space.

Contact us to see how you can simplify backup and reduce frantic calls to your help desk to restore Windows data.