Want to spend less time managing your Windows® application data, mailboxes, and files while dramatically reducing costs? We can help. Consolidate all your Windows storage, simplify administration, and improve protection and availability of vital Windows business data with the NetApp® agile data infrastructure

Windows file servers and standalone storage for Windows applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint Server can cost you time and money. Consolidating and running your Windows applications in virtual machines backed by NetApp's agile data infrastructure can simplify your Windows environment and save you money. A single NetApp storage system meets all your needs, replacing multiple Windows file servers while simultaneously storing your Windows application data.

If you're grappling with poor server and storage utilization and the headaches of administering backups, delivering high availability, or providing cost-effective disaster recovery, our solution for Windows storage is the answer. Achieve intelligent management and significant reductions in direct costs and administrative overhead by consolidating both your structured and unstructured Windows data. With NetApp, you can:

  • Reduce costs through higher storage utilization and lower administrative overhead
  • Achieve intelligent management with easy yet powerful integrated data protection solutions for, backup and recovery, and data protection
  • Improve productivity with better performance, seamless scalability, and nondisruptive operations
  • Reduce risk with a proven platform that lets you adapt flexibly to business changes

Download the solution brochure (PDF) and contact us to see how you can simplify your overall Microsoft Windows environment and reduce your total cost of ownership.