SAP Test Data Migration Server with NetApp

Remove Risk and Enhance Capabilities

A key requirement for successfully managing an SAP environment is having current data for test, development, training, and sandbox systems. However, because of the explosive growth of data in SAP production systems, it is not always feasible to create complete copies for these purposes. SAP offers TDMS to overcome this obstacle.

NetApp® solutions are fully integrated with SAP TDMS and complement and enhance its capabilities.

When combined with NetApp Snapshot™ and FlexClone® technologies that allow the fast and efficient creation of SAP systems, you can execute TDMS extractions and address any compliance, audit, or reporting request with pinpoint accuracy-without limiting production availability. Once the data has been extracted, you can make multiple copies for parallel testing and development activities without changing the data in the original target. In addition, NetApp solutions simplify administration and reduce risk by allowing more testing with more relevant data in a shorter period of time.