FlexPod Datacenter for SAP Applications

Make the most of virtualizing your SAP infrastructure. Start your private cloud. With SAP applications built on FlexPod Datacenter, it’s easier, faster, and safer than you might have thought.

This solution brings the power of the FlexPod Datacenter concept to SAP customers and enables a safe transition to the cloud. FlexPod Datacenter is a unified, pretested, and validated data center solution built on a flexible and secure shared IT infrastructure using leading technology from NetApp, Cisco, and VMware.

FlexPod Datacenter improves business agility by providing application and data mobility and by accelerating SAP lifecycle management. Integrated data protection across the entire stack helps increase the availability of SAP in the cloud, while secure multi-tenancy delivers isolated SAP landscapes for a variety of use cases:

  • Transition smoothly with a modular architecture
  • Transform your SAP organization into a service center
  • Accelerate your SAP lifecycle management

Standardization and automation reduce the risk of running SAP landscapes in a cloud and contribute to an overall lower TCO. The shared IT infrastructure at the core of FlexPod Datacenter helps you to maximize efficiency and decrease costs through optimized asset utilization.

Midsize and enterprise customers as well as service providers benefit from accelerating their SAP lifecycle management. Provisioning complete landscapes and systems can be done in a fraction of the time compared to traditional copy processes. Deprovisioning systems can be done with just a mouse click.

Through its unified, pretested, and validated design, the FlexPod Datacenter data center solution shortens purchase and sales cycles and simplifies deployment. Its future-proof Ethernet-based network fits right into your current infrastructure, eliminating the cost of replacing your existing technology and protecting your investments.

The modular solution design allows flexible starting points. You can start small with a single tenant and add other tenants later. The solution is designed to scale securely to any size. And it paves the way to transform your SAP environment into a service center for your company.