The NetApp archive and compliance solution for Oracle databases enables you to easily create tiered storage for Oracle information and apply granular controls to meet regulatory and corporate retention policies.

NetApp's archive solutions for Oracle can help you meet your long-term data retention requirements, improve service levels, and keep storage infrastructure costs under control.

Reduce compliance costs and improve risk management. With complete support for NetApp SnapLock (WORM storage), you can better comply with government and industry regulations and keep data more secure, in an unalterable and immediately accessible storage media.

The combination of Oracle ILM Assistant and NetApp archive solutions enables DBAs to create partitions and tier storage across the NetApp unified storage architecture. Data is automatically migrated between tiers based upon service requirements and retention policies without navigating complex, heterogeneous storage environment.

In addition, the NetApp solution provides an API that supports PLSQL, enabling DBAs and programmers to easily extend this solution to new applications.