Increase the availability and performance of your Lotus Domino infrastructure and simplify the management and protection of your Domino data with NetApp® storage solutions.

Our storage solutions enable you to reduce planned and unplanned downtime of your mission-critical Domino infrastructure and help to lower your Domino administration and management costs.

Most planned downtime for storage-related maintenance can be eliminated with near-instantaneous backups of your Domino data and the ability to expand storage without taking Domino off line.

AutoSupport, e-mail notifications, and e-mail alerts enable you to correct error conditions in your storage system before they occur, helping you to avoid unplanned downtime.

Rapid recovery of your Domino data in the event of data corruption allows you to get your Domino infrastructure back on line within minutes. You can also easily recover an individual database if a user’s mailbox becomes corrupted, or even a single e-mail message accidentally deleted by a user.

To learn more about how our storage solutions for IBM Lotus Domino can benefit your organization, please contact your NetApp sales representative or your NetApp reseller.