NetApp Data Warehouse Solutions Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

NetApp provides organizations with the manageability, availability and disaster recovery tools to ensure that data warehouses are protected against disaster and available 24x7x365.

With the typical data warehouse doubling in size every six to nine months, organizations need to squeeze the highest possible utilization from storage and plan capacity additions carefully. The number of data sources feeding data warehouses is growing rapidly, solutions that can help restore the data warehouse immediately after a disaster are required.

With NetApp, organizations can perform frequent, space-efficient backups of data warehouses and recover data in minutes. Efficient, low-cost replication makes disaster recovery economically viable, and our cloning technologies eliminate the need for additional physical copies of databases, data warehouses, data marts, development and test, or other functions. NetApp's storage efficiency significantly raises overall storage utilization while delivering the flexibility, scalability, and performance needed for continued growth.

Learn more about how NetApp's data warehouse solutions (PDF) can save you time, space, and money.