NetApp Data Warehouse Solutions Development and Test

NetApp provides development and test teams with real-time data warehouse access to database copies ensuring advanced testing, development, and quality while reducing risk by using real-world data.

Managing the separation, updates and consistencies between production and development/test data warehouses is a non-trivial task for even the most experienced IT teams. NetApp SnapMirror and FlexClone provide data warehouse management tools that provide development/test teams with the latest database flows while minimizing impact to production systems.

NetApp FlexClone allows IT organizations to instantly create and replicate databases into data marts or data warehouses for development and test workloads. The FlexClone virtual copies of production databases allows development and test to work on near real-time copies of data and execute on patching, testing, development, reporting, training, and quality assurance.

Learn more about how NetApp's data warehouse solutions (PDF) can save you time, space, and money.