Whether creating in-house applications or commercial products, NetApp® solutions help software development organizations accelerate time to market, improve product quality, and dramatically reduce cost.

Performing adequate testing to ensure product quality, while meeting time-to-market requirements and controlling the cost of the testing infrastructure, is a significant challenge. NetApp solutions reduce the storage needed for test environments while cutting the time needed to set up new tests. More efficient testing results in higher quality and faster time to market.

The traditional approach to test configuration requires time-consuming physical copies of software and test data and is not suitable for the virtual server environments that are now common in test environments.

NetApp FlexClone®, by comparison, is nearly instantaneous, simple to configure, and ideal for virtual servers. Provisioning typical test lab storage using FlexClone takes about 3 seconds versus 27 minutes using the traditional approach.

If you use virtual servers in your test environment, FlexClone provides an easy and efficient means of replicating VMs, dramatically reducing the storage needed to support your virtual environment while accelerating VM provisioning. Your virtualization environment may also benefit from NetApp deduplication for further reductions in storage acquisition costs.

NetApp provides a complete suite of hardware and software solutions that address the biggest storage challenges developers face throughout the software development lifecycle. Find out how you can optimize your entire software development storage environment with NetApp.