Compartmentalization and encryption for shared storage that helps prevent insider threats.

NetApp security solutions protect your intellectual property and provide privacy for sensitive executive and corporate data, financial information, and customer records. 

Agencies and departments can consolidate their data into shared infrastructures without endangering the security of their information by using virtual storage arrays built on NetApp MultiStore® software.

Stored data is compartmentalized and can be protected by strong AES-256 encryption.

  • Realize significant IT cost savings and flexibility. Permits storage and network consolidation, enables departments to leverage centralized data center resources and share data without compromising security.
  • Protect intellectual property such as source code and algorithms, proprietary research, manufacturing designs, and other data assets.
  • Give individual departments privacy and control. Make your HR, legal, customer information, and other documents private, giving each department complete control over encryption keys, access authorization, and the ability to securely delete all copies of data regardless of location.

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