NetApp Solutions for IBM DB2 Content Manager

NetApp provides fast, scalable, and reliable storage for content and database, plus enhanced data protection and compliance.

An estimated 80% of enterprise data consists of unstructured content not contained in databases. IBM DB2 Content Manager (IBM CM) is used by leading enterprises worldwide to manage images, documents, archived e-mail, SAP archives, and high-volume print files. NetApp solutions offer the ideal storage for IBM CM content and metadata, increasing availability, enhancing compliance, and lowering total cost of ownership.

The Solution
IBM DB2 Content Manager is a powerful and highly scalable solution for enterprise content management (ECM). Popular with large enterprise and government customers, IBM CM creates an intense data demand both for the metadata—in a DB2 database—and for the content typically stored in network shares or within Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) volumes.

Whatever the top storage requirements for IBM CM, NetApp solutions deliver them, from terabytes of fast, reliable, and affordable content storage to even faster SAN and iSCSI-based block storage for DB2 database tables. NetApp SnapLock® also integrates with Tivoli Storage Manager Data Retention Manager—also known as IBM System Storage Archive Manager—to support enforced compliance and retention at the storage hardware level.


  • Fast, reliable, near-line storage. NetApp SATA disk storage with enhanced RAID-DP™ protection against disk failure is fast, reliable, and affordable—ideal for IBM CM content storage, either with or without Tivoli Storage Manager.
  • SnapLock enhances compliance. Increasing regulatory compliance demands often require that content be protected from tampering and early deletion at the storage level. NetApp SnapLock is integrated with IBM CM via TSM Data Retention Manager to provide this added level of compliance, making NetApp storage ideal for replacing outdated optical libraries and for handling e-mail or SAP archiving with IBM CM CommonStore.
  • Superior database storage for DB2 UDB. NetApp database storage technology delivers instant backups, nearly instant recovery, and simplified database table management for DB2 UDB, which handles critical metadata for IBM CM.
  • Fast, transparent encryption. Decru DataFort® appliances from Decru®, a NetApp company, can encrypt IBM CM databases or content (or both) without significantly impacting performance. This improves compliance and data privacy for sensitive data, such as financial records and personal healthcare information.