NetApp increases performance, availability, and scalability of content and databases, helping you deploy ECM Applications more quickly with less disk and less risk than competing storage solutions.

Your enterprise content management (ECM) repositories are growing rapidly and you require a storage solution that delivers fast performance at an affordable price. But you also need a reliable solution for backup, restore, and disaster recovery that won't reduce performance or availability.

NetApp offers flexible, unified storage that supports your entire ECM infrastructure. We support different storage tiers, protocols, and networks with one architecture to simplify deployment and management. Our integrated data protection allows frequent, instant "hot" backups; rapid recovery; and efficient remote replication to help you maximize application availability and minimize risk.


Our SnapLock® technology integrates with most ECM software to protect content against tampering and early deletion, helping you meet data retention requirements. Storage efficiency features, including deduplication and data cloning, reduce cost and cycle time for content storage and application development.

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