NetApp StorageGRID is a proven, object storage software solution designed to manage petabyte-scale globally distributed repositories of images, video, and records for enterprises and service providers.

Key Points:
  • Enables nonstop content access, anytime, anywhere, across the globe.
  • Eliminates physical storage boundaries and supports petabytes of data.
  • Protects content tampering with encryption and digital fingerprinting.
  • Facilitates a uniform disaster recovery, regardless of physical location.

NetApp® StorageGRID® software is an enterprise gateway to the public storage cloud, providing a proven, object-based storage solution for managing large-scale repositories of images, video, and records – around the clock and across the globe.

Eliminating the typical constraints of data containers in blocks and files, the StorageGRID application offers secure, intelligent, and scalable data storage and management in a single global namespace. It optimizes metadata management and content placement through a global policy engine with built-in security. StorageGRID software automates the lifecycle of stored content by managing how files and objects are stored, placed, protected, and retrieved.

StorageGRID users depend on the many benefits gained by using this secure, reliable, content management application.

"StorageGRID MultiSite provides us with a fault tolerant and cost-effective software solution that addresses the need for an open system that can seamlessly grow in capacity and geographic footprint. This allows us to reliably store local studies and acquire exams from other facilities."

James Spink, Corporate Director Technical Services
Provincial Health Services Authority

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