Achieve maximum flexibility of your shared storage infrastructure with secure multi-tenancy.

NetApp® MultiStore® software creates multiple virtual storage systems within a single physical storage system. With MultiStore software,you can enable multiple users to share the same storage resource without compromising privacy and security. You can be confident that information on one virtual storage system cannot be viewed, used, or downloaded by users on a different virtual storage system.

MultiStore software provides a solid storage foundation for the Secure Multi-Tenancy for Cloud Architecture joint solution from NetApp, Cisco, and VMWare.

MultiStore provides secure multi-tenancy capability to Data ONTAP®, allowing you to:

  • Host multiple customers and/or departments on a single Data ONTAP storage system
  • Consolidate many file servers, thus reducing cost and increasing staff productivity
  • Perform simple and fast data migration
  • Simplify your disaster recovery strategy

MultiStore allows you to achieve this type of flexibility within the framework of a unified, multiprotocol architecture. The result is that you can create a shared storage infrastructure that is more responsive, easier to manage, and significantly less expensive to deploy.

Learn more about how MultiStore (PDF) can help you achieve secure storage multi-tenancy.