Antivirus Scanning Software

Integrated antivirus software can kill malware at the source, helping to protect data on your NetApp® storage devices from compromised computers.

NetApp integrated antivirus scanning software protects data on NetApp storage devices by killing malware at the source.

NetApp® storage devices support integrated antivirus functionality in partnership with leading vendors to protect your business. Integrated NetApp antivirus scanning software detects and prevents the spread of malicious virus code on storage networks before your data is compromised.

De antivirusfunctionaliteit is sterk geïntegreerd in het Data ONTAP 8.1-besturingssysteem van het NetApp-storageapparaat, ongeacht of de scan intern wordt uitgevoerd in het storageapparaat met Data ONTAP®-clustering, of extern met AV-servers.

On-board antivirus scanning allows McAfee® or Sophos® antivirus engines to directly access the data using a fast native storage-controller protocol, resulting in lower overhead than in traditional antivirus solutions. NetApp antivirus scanning software supports both CIFS and NFS file access.

Off-board servers use remote procedure calls and an authenticated CIFS connection. Multiple servers can be configured to support one or more NetApp storage devices for redundancy and performance.

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