FlexShare software lets you assign priorities to multiple application workloads consolidated on a single NetApp system.

A powerful quality-of-service tool for the Data ONTAP® storage platform, Netapp® FlexShare™ software allows you to consolidate with confidence. FlexShare gives you five priority levels that you can set on a volume-by-volume basis, so you can establish data management priorities in your shared infrastructure during periods of high system utilization.

You can:

  • Prioritize specific datasets and change priorities as often as needed.
  • Set per-volume and per-cache policies and specify the relative priorities of volumes.

This exceptional level of control means that you can enjoy the cost- and time-saving benefits of data storage consolidation without missing backup windows or sacrificing customer service.

Call your sales representative to discover how NetApp Flexshare software can help you meet your IT efficiency and service level goals.