Turn to OnCommand Workflow Automation for fast, reliable process automation, and to control the cost of managing complex virtual and cloud environments. Follow best practices and achieve Opex savings.

Use OnCommand Workflow Automation to construct, customize, test, publish, and activate a broad range of storage workflows, including:

  • Provision, migrate, or decommission storage for databases or file systems.
  • Set up a new virtualization environment, including a storage switch or datastore.
  • Set up storage for an application as part of an end-to-end orchestration process.
  • Set up FlexPod for virtual desktops, perform storage cloning, or conduct a centralized NetApp® SnapManager® software activation.

OnCommand Workflow Automation enables storage administrators to create storage workflows and perform one-click automation to provision NetApp storage for fast turnkey deployments of applications, such as VMware®, Oracle®, Microsoft®, SAP®, Citrix, and others.

Reduce the cost of managing your storage, and adhere to storage management best practices with OnCommand Workflow Automation.

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