Simplify management and increase productivity for your backup, restore, and disaster recovery operations in a VMware environment.

One of the many benefits of virtualizing comes from consolidating multiple, underutilized servers and running them as virtual machines on a single system. You’re saving space, lowering power and cooling costs, and using fewer machines to do more work. You may also find that those highly utilized servers no longer have the additional cycles to run a backup agent. With NetApp®, you can run your backups on the storage system and better utilize your servers to run applications.

SnapManager® for Virtual Infrastructure works with VMware vCenter, automating and simplifying management of backup and restore operations. Your VMware administrators now have an easy-to-use management tool to create application-consistent backups for their virtual machines. Additionally, they can instantly recover a datastore, VM, vmdk, or an individual file within a VM guest.

Enhance your disaster recovery operations: SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure can be used to trigger SnapMirror® updates upon backup completion, enabling your latest backup copies to reside at a secondary site.

See how SnapManager automates your virtual infrastructure (PDF) and empowers your VMware administrator.