SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server

Reduce costs and simplify data management with SnapManager® for Microsoft® SQL Server® by automating complex and time-consuming processes associated with backup, recovery, and database cloning activities.

NetApp® SnapManager® for Microsoft® SQL Server® (SMSQL) reduces costs and simplifies data management by automating complex and time-consuming processes. Integrated with Microsoft technologies, SMSQL streamlines database storage management. It simplifies storage layout planning and automates backup, restore, and cloning operations for SQL Server databases.

SnapManager software reduces SQL Server data-recovery times to minutes. It simplifies data protection for SQL Server applications by providing federated database backup of multiple SQL Server instances and databases.

Clone lifecycle management creates space-efficient SQL data copies for development, testing, reporting, and disaster recovery, in seconds. SMSQL enables fast and accurate on-demand, periodic, customized staging and user-acceptance testing services.

NetApp SMSQL 6.0 supports AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AGs) in SQL Server 2012, to accelerate AG setup, backup, and restore.

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