Automate complex and time-consuming SAP data management tasks such as backup, recovery, and cloning with SnapManager® for SAP, a certified and integrated SAP data management solution, and free your IT staff to focus on value-added tasks.

Your data-driven enterprise requires that business-critical SAP systems be operational around the clock. You need an agile and cost-effective SAP infrastructure as well as availability and protection of your data. NetApp® SnapManager for SAP—a certified and integrated SAP data management solution—helps you automate and streamline SAP data management.

Automate and simplify your complex, manual, and time-consuming SAP data management processes with SnapManager. Increase backup frequency for greater protection with our space-efficient technology, which maximizes performance and minimizes costs.


Back up your SAP data in minutes without impacting database performance. Perform backups at regular intervals to make recoveries quick and nondisruptive.

Recover your failed SAP database to a saved Snapshot™ copy in a matter of minutes, with no data movement required.

Create SAP system copies in minutes for QA, development, and testing—whenever they are needed—with minimal additional storage space and very little administrator time.

Empower database and basis administrators to manage their own data, not only eliminating data management bottlenecks but also providing security and data integrity through strict policy enforcement and automation.

Learn how SnapManager for SAP helps administrators automate complex and time-consuming SAP data management tasks