Automate and simplify the complex, manual, and time-consuming processes associated with the backup, restoration, recovery, and cloning of your Oracle® databases with our SnapManager® software.

Applications built on Oracle are essential for supporting your business, and they must be available around the clock. Your administrators need tools that allow them to support your critical business processes based on Oracle more efficiently.

Automate and simplify your Oracle Database management with backup, recover, restore, and cloning features in our SnapManager for Oracle. Leverage our technology stack to create near-instant and space-efficient Snapshot™ copies and clones of your Oracle Databases. Integrate with native Oracle technologies and get complete automation of Oracle data management.

Use policies to simplify, standardize, and automate data protection. Increase backup frequency-without impacting performance-for higher data protection. Recover and restore a failed database to full production in minutes, regardless of database size.

Create complete database clones in seconds on primary storage or directly to your development and test environment. Use clones to engage in parallel QA, development, testing, and other processes and deploy applications faster than ever before.

Learn more about how you can empower your DBAs to automate and simplify Oracle Database management with our SnapManager software (PDF).