NetApp Single Mailbox Recovery for Microsoft Exchange

Integrate NetApp’s Single Mailbox Recovery software into your storage solution for Microsoft® Exchange Server data to retrieve individual messages, mailboxes, and attachments without disrupting other users.

Recovering single mailboxes or single messages from your Microsoft Exchange Server enterprise messaging system can be one of the most time-intensive tasks your administrators have to handle. Our Single Mailbox Recovery (SMBR) software enables your Exchange Server administrators to execute granular retrievals in minutes, compared to hours or days of manual effort.

Use SMBR to establish and verify e-mail evidence for compliance and legal requests. Retrieve just the relevant e-mails and attachments for human resources investigations.

Eliminate the extra steps and time required to mount each backup of your Microsoft Exchange Server data for searching specific e-mails. Search across all mailboxes in an archive or across several criteria with SMBR's Advanced Find feature.

Integrate with your existing tape environments. Restore both private and public Exchange information to an alternate location and eliminate the need for a recovery server.

To learn more about how you can rapidly recover single items from your Microsoft Exchange Server data, please see our Single Mailbox Recovery for Microsoft Exchange datasheet PDF.