Speed provisioning workflows and boost capacity utilization with NetApp® Provisioning Manager—policy-based automation to provision your entire NetApp SAN and NAS infrastructure from a single console.

Provisioning Manager can speed the creation of new NetApp storage resources and help improve capacity management of existing storage resources. Storage administrators can utilize Provisioning Manager's policy-based automation to create repeatable, automated provisioning processes to improve the availability of data and enable provisioned storage to comply with policies. These processes are faster than manually provisioning storage, easier to maintain than scripts, and help minimize the risk of data loss due to misconfigured storage.

Provisioning Manager applies user-defined policies to consistently select the appropriate resources for each provisioning activity. This frees administrators from the headache of searching for available space to provision and allows more time for strategic issues. The use of a centralized management console allows administrators to monitor the status of their provisioned storage resources.

Provisioning Manager can help improve your business agility and capacity utilization, shrink provisioning time, and improve administrator productivity. By leveraging Provisioning Manager’s thin provisioning and deduplication capabilities you can get a high level of storage efficiency from your NetApp storage investment. This allows you to store more data, more efficiently, and help improve your business agility.