Automate your data protection setup.

Automate your data protection operations with Protection Manager’s policy-based management, global monitoring, and reporting.

Managing data protection can be complicated and time consuming. Most tools fail to give you a comprehensive and easy-to-understand view of your data protection environment. What’s more, they make it difficult to efficiently provision and utilize storage resources.

Protection Manager can  simplify common data protection tasks and automate management across Snapshot, SnapMirror, SnapManager, SnapVault, and Open Systems SnapVault operations. It automates storage provisioning and provides global policy-based management, monitoring, and alerting.

Protection Manager can make it easy to define, apply, and update data protection policies across the enterprise. It minimizes effort, cuts administrative overhead, and guarantees that best practices as well as service-level agreements are met globally.

A simple dashboard shows comprehensive data protection information, including unprotected data, alerts, and utilization, at a glance.

Protection Manager automation combines with thin provisioning, deduplication, and NetApp® Snapshot and block incremental technology to shrink the storage footprint and increase management efficiency.