Strategic Alliance Partners

Halliburton: Landmark Software & Services

Landmark Graphics Corporation is the leading supplier ofdecision-making software and services for the oil and gas industry.The company's full suite of products transforms vastquantities of oilfield data into knowledge-based computer models ofhydrocarbon reservoirs, a volume of subsurface rocks that containan accumulation of oil and gas.

IBM Rational

IBM Rational software helps organizations create business value byimproving their software development capability to acceleratetime-to-market while improving quality.

Parametric Technology Corporation

Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) (Nasdaq: PMTC) develops,markets and supports product lifecycle management (PLM) softwaresolutions and related services that help companies improve theirproduct development processes. Our software solutions helpcustomers decrease time to market, improve product quality,increase innovation and reduce product development cost. For moreinformation on PTC, please visit

Schlumberger (SIS)

Schlumberger Limited is the leading oil field services companysupplying technology, project management, and information solutionsthat optimize performance for customers working in theinternational oil and gas industry. Schlumberger InformationSolutions (SIS) is committed to leveraging NetApp technology todeliver secure, reliable, and flexible solutions that address thecustomer's core business operations process.

Siemens PLM Software

Siemens PLM Teamcenter provides distributedengineering/manufacturing teams with the global sharing, workgroupmanagement, and vaulting capabilities to capture, manage, andleverage geometry and engineering data systems. NetApp storagesolutions provide robust, high performance data storage forTeamcenter environments.

Advantage Alliance Partners


Enigma Data Solutions provides sophisticated information managementsoftware and consultancy services that address today'sinformation management and storage demands. Our independentsolutions enable businesses facing intensive data storagechallenges to operate more effectively by preserving strategic dataand reducing TCO. Enigma and NetApp partnership to provide a rangeof solutions including NearStore, NetApp DataFort, PARS, andSmartMove.

Parrus Technologies

Parrus Technologies has been in business since 1997, focusing onproviding complete software configuration management (SCM)solutions and training to its customers. Working with theindustry-leading business and technology providers, ParrusTechnologies strives to provide SCM solutions that are tailored tocustomer specific needs and help leverage their core competencies.

Seismic Micro-Technology

Seismic Micro-Technology (SMT), the market leader for geosciencesoftware, helps organizations find oil and gas faster. Thecompany's KINGDOM software allows geoscientists to focuson the analysis, not on managing the tools. SMT software enablesintuitive interpretation, 3D modeling, analysis and datamanagement, in one integrated executable. Customers can install andinterpret data in the same day. With 2,700 customers in 95 nations,SMT has demonstrated performance proven to scale. SMT isheadquartered in Houston, Texas with offices in Abu Dhabi, Calgary,Croydon (UK), Moscow and Singapore.